Conmetall Meister GmbH

New company combines substance and added value

In May 2017, Conmetall GmbH & Co.KG and Meister Werkzeuge GmbH merged under the new company name Conmetall Meister GmbH.
We are a reliable, well-known supplier for the DIY sector. To the top dealers in the industry we are widely known as a supplier of hand tools, sanitary equipment, gardening tools, small ironwares, fittings, electrical tools and electrical equipment. Our trading partners appreciate the breadth and depth of our modern quality products as well as our keen focus on service.

Both companies have long belonged to the Würth group of companies based in Künzelsau. The head office of Conmetall Meister is in Celle, while the Wuppertal location will remain open as a branch office. The management offices in Wuppertal are currently being expanded by a modern office building with a usable area of 2,500 m² - this unit with about 150 employees has been located in the Langerfeld industrial area since June 2017. The distribution centre and sample rooms will stay in Wuppertal-Cronenberg.


The Celle location has also benefited from ongoing, significant investments over the last years and months. The central warehouse is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is thus future-proof for all current and future logistical requirements. Additional investments at the site have been approved. This also sends a clear message in terms of the company's sustained, entrepreneurial direction. The subsidiaries in China, which are specialised in sourcing, purchasing and our own preparation activities (Shanghai) as well as the distributors in Hong Kong, France, Belgium, Spain and the Czech Republic are seamlessly integrated in the group.

Proven contacts

In terms of company management, our trading partners can continue to rely on our familiar managing director Hans-Peter Heffels.

All brands, product lines and particularly the customary high level of service will remain the same. Moreover, the proven infrastructure will not only stay intact, it is actually being expanded. Growth has always been of great importance to us, and this will remain the case even after the merge, which took place under the Commutation Law.

Innovative product range

Conmetall Meister supplies a portfolio of more than 35,000 products with a high degree of innovation in the areas of

•   Hand tools
•   Sanitary
•   Garden tools
•   Small ironwares, fittings
•   Electric tools
•   Electrical installation materials

the B2B customers in the DIY and gardening sector as well as for discounters. Our own products, which are well established in the DIY market, will of course be continuously maintained and further expanded. It goes without saying that even the brand's own product assortment is designed and produced in any desired breadth and depth.

The predominant goal of Conmetall Master is to grow together with our customers. Which is why service will continue to play a decisive role. More than 100 sales representatives ensure that we remain close with our trading partners. Furthermore, one of the most important areas for the future will be the e-commerce sector, where we are currently making significant investments.