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  • Tile punch

    Tile punch

    Polished, black lacquered with spring, for shaping tile edges and enlarging holes in tiles

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  • Tile roller cleaning kit

    Tile roller cleaning kit

    22 l washing pail in professional quality, resistant to commercially-available acids, chemical detergents and temperature fluctuations, including roller mount with 2 stable wringing rollers and 4 running wheels

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  • Turning-hook


    Steel, with 115 cm ash handle with knob, with notch and tip, for turning trunks and trunk segments

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  • Winter gloves

    Winter gloves

    Polycotton glove with roughened latex coating for an optimal grip, lined for use at low temperatures Applications: e.g. agriculture and forestry, building crafts, garden

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  • Agitators


    Metal with hexagonal shaft, for screed, tile adhesive, mortar, levelling compound, plaster, filler, etc. Very good material transport from the bottom to the top, gently sloping spiral for minimal machine load.

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  • Capsule hearing protection

    Capsule hearing protection

    EN 352-1, light, two-point suspension for optimum adjustment, collapsible Sound attenuation values: SNR: 30 dB, H: 36 dB, M: 28 dB, L: 18 dB

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  • Carbide concrete drill set

    Carbide concrete drill set

    4 pieces ISO standard 5468, in plastic case, with anti-theft protection

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  • Caulking gun

    Caulking gun

    Heavy-duty design, rotatable, for 310 ml and 400 ml cartridges

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  • Chalk line roller

    Chalk line roller

    Without powder, with cord, push system: When pressure is applied to the axle, the cord can be pulled out in idle and does not rotate the crank, hardened hook with bent indents (can be nailed at edges), integrated berth for the hook in the body, high ...

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  • Hatchet with fibreglass handle

    Hatchet with fibreglass handle

    DIN 5131, DIN 7287, 2-component fibreglass handle, polished blade, with cutting-edge protection

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  • Heavy-duty wire cutters

    Heavy-duty wire cutters

    With two-component handles, TÜV Süd/GS-tested, additional inductive hardening of cutting edges

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  • Metal saw bow

    Metal saw bow

    Made of 18 mm tube, two-component handle, with HSS bi-metal saw blade

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