Warranty Conditions for the Manufacturer Warranty of Conmetall Meister GmbH

The warranty below does not affect, and in particular does not restrict or rule out, your statutory rights vis-à-vis the respective seller with regard to defects. These statutory rights exist irrespective of whether an event bringing the warranty into operation occurs or whether you assert rights based on the warranty below.

We guarantee that the item you have purchased and that has come with these warranty conditions will function without defects and be free of defects in materials and/or workmanship and of design flaws for the term of the warranty. This warranty commences on the date of purchase; the term of the warranty is shown in the warranty logo affixed to the item purchased. The start of the warranty must be documented by presenting the purchase receipt. If an event bringing the warranty into operation occurs and we repair the item in question or provide a new item as a replacement, the term of the warranty is not extended as a result thereof.

There are no claims under this warranty if

    the item merely exhibits signs attributable to normal wear and tear,
    the item exhibits damage or signs of wear that are caused by use other than as normally intended and/or in deviation from the stipulations of the operating instructions,
    the item exhibits signs indicating that repairs or other interventions have been performed by unauthorized third parties, and/or
    accessories not authorized by us have been installed in the item or used with the item.
    Samples and display items are entirely excluded from this warranty.

To assert a claim under this warranty, you are required to show the item and the purchase receipt in the place where you purchased the item and turn them in there with as detailed and specific a description as possible of the event bringing the warranty into operation. The item will not be repaired or exchanged there. The item will be sent to us so we have a chance to examine it. If an event bringing the warranty into operation has occurred, we are free to choose whether to repair the item or replace it with a new item. You have no claims beyond that under this warranty.

If no event bringing the warranty into operation has occurred, the item will be sent back to you directly. We will notify you of this beforehand and, if possible, offer to perform a paid repair and provide you with a cost estimate. If you decline to have the item repaired, or if we do not hear from you within 14 calendar days after transmitting the cost estimate to you, the item will be sent back.

This warranty is only valid for items purchased in the Federal Republic of Germany and only where a return address located in the Federal Republic of Germany is stated. The warranty itself is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

The guarantor is Conmetall Meister GmbH, Hafenstrasse 26, 29223 Celle, Germany